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  • Trailhunter Special

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    This series aims for XOVERLAND to take the all-new 2024 Tacoma Trailhunter and PUT IT TO WORK!

    Trailhunter was specifically designed for overlanders ‘to go far’ and the purpose of vehicle travel.

    XOVERLAND has filmed and produced global overland travel documentary series for over 14 years. Sinc...

  • Africa: Season 6 Teaser | The Toughest Expedition in XO History

    Brace yourself for the toughest expedition to date.

    More than ever, the unexpected is a constant companion, testing our grit and determination with the whole family.

    Africa: Season 6 - Coming Soon.


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  • AFRICA | Official Trailer | XOVERLAND Season 6

    How do you define adventure?

    Traversing the shockingly desolate and demanding African wilds, XOVERLAND quickly gains a deeper understanding of commitment, wit, and grit.

    As the realization that none of us is in control takes hold, how will the team adapt to an environment that challenges ever...

  • The Nordic Series: Season 5

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    X Overland is BACK for the all-new Season 5. Since before Covid, the team has been itching to get back across international waters to explore the world. Navigating setbacks, logistics, and an unstable world, this team is determined to make it happen.

    With a 2022 Toyota Tundra, 2021 Tacoma, and 2...

  • Trail Talk - Tips and Tricks from the Trail

    Introducing an all new series from the team at XOVERLAND! Trail Talk aims to educate and equip people of all different skill levels and interests. Overlanding and adventuring outdoors can be daunting, but with the right knowledge and tools you can confidently explore the world around you. Join Ta...

  • Zero to Hero: In-depth vehicle build by X Overland

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    Have you ever wanted to build yourself an awesome overlanding vehicle but weren't sure where to start?

    In this new masterclass series exclusively on the Overlander Network, Expedition Overland's Clay Croft, and Shop Manager, Tanner Johnson, share a comprehensive strategy to take your vehicle fr...

  • Alaska: The Last Frontier

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    The team heads back to Alaska for this 5-part series from Expedition Overland. It's been 8 years since the team drove to Alaska for their first overland journey and Clay can't wait to get back.
    Three newly built, overland-ready rigs including two Toyota Tacomas and 4Runner rounds out this team m...

  • 2023 XOVERLAND Manifesto

    XOVERLAND is a global lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering others through education and inspiration to boldly explore the world. We do so because we believe that travel and exploration makes you a better person. Our team of “ordinary people doing extraordinary things” serves a global community...