The Nordic Series: Season 5

The Nordic Series: Season 5

X Overland is BACK for the all-new Season 5. Since before Covid, the team has been itching to get back across international waters to explore the world. Navigating setbacks, logistics, and an unstable world, this team is determined to make it happen.

With a 2022 Toyota Tundra, 2021 Tacoma, and 2015 4Runner built to live out of, travel, and work from, this fleet of overland-ready vehicles needs to be tested, packed, and shipped in time.

The crew is ready, the trucks are prepped, built, and shipped. All that's left is to go. This team has no idea what they're in for in this 10-part series.

The Nordic Series: Season 5
  • 1. The Proper Function of Man is to LIVE

    X Overland is BACK for the all-new Season 5! Before Covid struck and locked down most of the world, the team had been itching to cross international waters to continue their journey of overland exploration.

    Navigating supply-chain setbacks, logistics nightmares, and a world on edge, the X Overla...

  • 2. Norway: Land of the Giants

    The team explores the mythic “Land of the Giants” while pushing hard to reach the highest point in Northern Europe on top of Mt. Galdhøpiggen.

    Our first medical issue arises on the road, amongst a heard of sheep.

    Viking-built churches dating back over a millennium, ancient boreal forests along ...

  • 3. Top of the World: Nordkapp

    In 2013, X Overland first reached the shores of Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Seven years later, Clay and the team completed their adventure of overlanding the Pan-American Highway by arriving at the tip of South America.

    For more than a decade, Clay, Rachelle, and their team of passionate overlanders ha...

  • 4. Tough Times

    This episode contains real footage from World War II. Viewer discretion is advised at around 34 minutes in.

    Having accomplished their goal of reaching Nordkapp, the team is asking themselves the question all overlanders finally arrive at: What’s next?

    Europe is steeped in history both modern an...

  • 5. Bucket Lists and Transitions

    After experiencing WWII battlefields and the power of European history, the team is ready to have fun!

    First, they give Kurt Williams a proper send-off with a special night in camp before he boards a plane bound for home.

    Now, it’s time for his protege, Cyrus, to step up to the plate and show t...

  • 6. The Faroe Islands: Counting Days and Sheep

    Phase Two of the Nordic Expedition is underway!

    Having left mainland Europe on a ferry bound for Iceland, the team faces a pivotal decision: Go straight to The Land of Fire and Ice or disembark at the Faroe Islands?

    Clay has some doubts about their choice to get off the boat in the Faroes but ...

  • 7. The Land of Fire and Ice: Iceland

    Our dream of overlanding Iceland has been thirteen years in the making, and when our trucks roll off of this ferry, we begin to live it.

    Having completed our journey through Northern Europe and our week in the Faroe Islands, the team is ready for this epic final phase of the Nordic Expedition.

  • 8. Overlanding Iceland: Exploring the F-Roads

    After arriving at Torfi’s cabin in the middle of a dark and stormy night, the team gets much needed rest and begins to plan their route into Iceland’s interior.

    With local Icelandic legend, Torfi Johannsson, joining the team for their adventure, the experience is bound to be epic.

    But will the ...

  • 9. Epic Roads & Beer Baths | Iceland

    In this episode of the Nordic Series, Torfi takes us on the most epic road in Iceland yet before saying goodbye. The team then helps Ashly check a bucket list item on her list.
    Our trucks and recovery skills get put to the test, as we encounter more stranded travelers, and Tanner goes to new leve...

  • 10. Beneath the Surface

    As we reach the end of our Scandinavian odyssey, we have never felt more alive, but before the vehicles start their passage back to the States, there is still much more to experience in our final days in Iceland!

    Having said goodbye to Torfi, it’s time for Ashley to take ch...

  • EXTRA - Nordic Series Roundtable: Mainland Europe and Faroe Islands

    Join the crew from Phase 1 of Nordic Series to chat about all things Mainland Europe and Faroe Islands. Laughs are had, stories are shared, and this is an episode that you don’t want to miss.

  • EXTRA - Nordic Series Roundtable: Iceland

    Join the crew from the Iceland portion of Nordic Series to chat about their adventures and experiences on the second phase of the expedition. Dive head first into stories about beer baths and traveling through one of our bucket list locations!