Africa: Season 6

Africa: Season 6

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Africa: Season 6
  • AFRICA | Official Trailer | XOVERLAND Season 6

    How do you define adventure?

    Traversing the shockingly desolate and demanding African wilds, XOVERLAND quickly gains a deeper understanding of commitment, wit, and grit.

    As the realization that none of us is in control takes hold, how will the team adapt to an environment that challenges ever...

  • Africa—A Decade-Long Dream Realized | Season 6 Teaser

    This is NOT "just another" global overlanding adventure with amazing trucks. XOVERLAND is going to Africa, and the entire Croft family is coming along! The kids are grown, and the 10-year dream to travel as a family has finally come true! Season 6 is coming soon!

  • Africa: Season 6 Teaser | The Toughest Expedition in XO History

    Brace yourself for the toughest expedition to date.

    More than ever, the unexpected is a constant companion, testing our grit and determination with the whole family.

    Africa: Season 6 - Coming Soon.

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