Africa: Season 6

Africa: Season 6

How do you define adventure?

Traversing the shockingly desolate and demanding African wilds, XOVERLAND quickly gains a deeper understanding of commitment, wit, and grit.

As the realization that none of us is in control takes hold, how will the team adapt to an environment that challenges everything they thought they knew about overland travel? Join the team as they face the unexpected and redefine adventure.

In addition, the entire Croft family is on the full, two-month expedition. The seasoned 9-member team is the biggest and best yet, and that's exactly what's needed to get through this incredible journey.

Africa: Season 6
  • EP1 | It's All Gone Wrong

    Only 8 months from their return from the Nordic series the XOVERLAND trucks are stuck in port in South Africa. The team must work through the critical delays of the expedition. In addition, the entire Croft family is on the full, two-month expedition. The seasoned 9 member team is the biggest and...

  • EP2 | TIA - This is Africa

    With the trucks released, the convoy is rolling in Botswana. The environment and pace are an obvious challenge compared to other continents, and the team is dealing with the chaos of a hectic departure. The terrain is insane and the dangers of the African wild become clear. It's evident that Afri...

  • EP3 | Ball of Gold

    Time is running out for Dr. Jon in Botswana. The team makes every effort to maximize his time left before his departure back to the ER in the States. Reality sets in on the dangers of the Okavango Delta, making going to the bathroom an adventure. Namibia looms ahead and the expedition picks up a ...

  • EP4 | Tribal Conflict

    Namibia exposes the overland vehicle build weaknesses and stalls the team's progress, but the biggest problem is not mechanical. A new approach to Africa is critical but the team must decide to concede to the environment vs trying to control it.

    The mechanical problems are teaching the team new...

  • EP5 | Heartbreak Hill

    No fuel, no food, no help. The team has begun one of Namibia’s longest and most remote offroad routes.

    800 km of 4x4, unsupported, rocky wilderness in the far north. Problem-solving is the name of the game, 1 km at a time, and the team must work together to make it out.

  • EP6 | Point of No Return

    Van Zyl’s Pass in Namibia! A mistake here has major consequences. It’s time to descend. This is the team's most remote, off-road 4x4 route of the trip, located in the vast, untouched wilderness of Namibia. Dr. Jon is unexpectedly called for a medical issue, and the roads of Namibia strike again.

  • EP7 | Nothing in the Tank

    The team camps near the Skeleton Coast and continues their offroad journey to Windhoek, Namibia.

    An ongoing tire issue is rearing its head, and the punishing roads are taking their toll on the trucks, and the team. Fuel, food, and water are quickly depleting.

    The search continues in the vast ...

  • EP8 | Roadside Service

    The team welcomes a guest from the past who wastes no time in diving into the long list of vehicle maintenance after the 842 km off-road journey.

    Traveling and overlanding through Namibia hits a new stride and the journey continues to surprise the team as they are welcomed into a special event ...

  • EP9 | No Time to Waste

    The team fulfills a dream while on the expedition, a day of driving in the dunes of the Skeleton Coast.

    Due to the fast moving tides of Sandwich Harbor, the team must make a quick exit to avoid being trapped in the dunes.

    Where to next?

  • EP10 | It’s Not Goodbye

    Our trip through Southern Africa has been a trip of a lifetime, and it’s not over yet. We have over 1,000km to go before the end of the expedition, most of it on dirt.

    The team begins their push through South Africa to explore local 4x4 trails and campsites. A local ECO Trail system is calling ...

  • Epilogue | Season 6: Africa

    Join the team as they look back on their time in the beautiful continent of Africa.

  • Africa—A Decade-Long Dream Realized | Season 6 Teaser

    This is NOT "just another" global overlanding adventure with amazing trucks. XOVERLAND is going to Africa, and the entire Croft family is coming along! The kids are grown, and the 10-year dream to travel as a family has finally come true! Season 6 is coming soon!

  • Africa: Season 6 Teaser | The Toughest Expedition in XO History

    Brace yourself for the toughest expedition to date.

    More than ever, the unexpected is a constant companion, testing our grit and determination with the whole family.

    Africa: Season 6 - Coming Soon.

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