Alaska: The Last Frontier

Alaska: The Last Frontier

The team heads back to Alaska for this 5-part series from Expedition Overland. It's been 8 years since the team drove to Alaska for their first overland journey and Clay can't wait to get back.
Three newly built, overland-ready rigs including two Toyota Tacomas and 4Runner rounds out this team made up of the young and the young-at-heart.
With some of the youngest crew to date, this team is ready for an epic Alaska adventure they will never forget. No one will come out the same.

Alaska: The Last Frontier
  • 1. Return to Alaska

    The last frontier draws Expedition Overland back to discover what’s within as the seven-man team overlands through the wild landscapes of Alaska. Two newly built rigs lead the convoy with a crew of the young and the "young-at-heart."
    This overland expedition proves that adventure has a way of in...

  • 2. Legends & New Waypoints

    The story continues with the team at Rainy Pass Lodge, Alaska! Clay introduces the team to a 'national treasure', a historical legend you've never heard about. The younger crew heads off for an adventure, further into the bush while the 'young at heart' stay behind to soak up the Alaska beauty. I...

  • 3. Unfinished Business

    Back in 2013, on the teams first overland adventure to Alaska, they attempted to drive up to the well known Knik Glacier. The team found themselves in 'over their heads' and had to turn back. Now, 8 years later, Clay is set on once again, taking the team to see this incredible Alaska glacier. The...

  • 4. To the Ends of the Earth

    The team makes the decision to cross another item off their bucket list, Prudhoe Bay Alaska. This marks the beginning or the end of the Pan-American Highway, a journey Clay has completed but the others have only begun. Cyrus takes the wheel and it's off to explore the Arctic Circle and continue o...

  • 5. Through the River

    The team continues to settle into life on the road in Alaska. Cyrus finds himself behind the wheel learning a very important lesson and two members enter into a competition that will leave one of them going home with a new 'look'. Just when they thought things had settled down, new challenges ari...