The Overlander Series

The Overlander Series

Introducing the Overlander Series! A 'weekend warrior', educational series from Expedition Overland pursuing adventures close and far from home.

The Overlander Series
  • 1. We Take An Acela Truck To The Montana Prairie In The Winter!

    An all new series from X Overland! Episode 1 dives into the wintery Montana prairie for a weekend of epic fun. Winter camping, snowmobiling, getting stuck, and having a good weekend adventure is what this is all about!

  • 2. We Build our First FULL SIZE Overland Ready Toyota Tundra!

    The time has finally come for the Expedition Overland crew to build their first, full size truck for overlanding! This build will have all the updates: tires, wheels, roof rack, warn winch, and more. Stay tuned for episode 3 as the ultimate build surprise is unveiled!

  • 3. Truck Bed Comes Off For The First Patriot Campers PCOR Toyota Tundra Build!

    The surprise component is delivered to the X Hangar shop for the Tundra Build! Jeff gets to work with Patriot Camper's engineer to assemble the first Toyota Tundra PCOR tray bed system. The final touches are put on this ultimate Tundra Overland build, now, its time to see this beauty in action!

  • 4. Driving Devil's Racetrack, Utah

    Get ready for some fun! The team finishes Overland Expo West and heads in two directions! One Expedition Overland team explores the Utah San Rafael Swell in Utah while Kurt and Clay head to Ouray, Colorado for a scouting trip with some special friends.

  • 5. The First Ever Ladies Trip to Drive the Dunes

    It's the X Overland ladies trip! Clay, Jeff, and Nate give the vehicles some refinement and turn over the show to the ladies for their first ever, all women's trip to Idaho! Rachelle takes the crew to the sand dunes in Idaho for some training and a very muddy ride to find some ice caves. Megan t...

  • 6. Tundra Update & Driving the Washington BDR

    Jeff gives an update on the Tundra and the team heads to Washington to explore the Washington Backroad Discovery Route or WBDR with the youngest team member to date!

  • 7. Wrapping up Northwest Overland Rally & Driving the WBDR

    The team hangs out at the Northwest Overland Rally, grabs the rest of the family, even the dog, and heads out to finish the Washington backcountry discovery route! Be sure to put this trail on your list as it is a fun one to drive, the scenery is epic, and the campsites are great! This is one fam...

  • 8. Backpacking Montana & Training up the Kids

    The team picks up some new members as they explore Montana by foot and by vehicle! A lighting storm rolls in as the team is cooking dinner, forcing them off the mountain. The Croft boys go along on this adventure and Ryan & Megan meet the team on motorcycle for a fun filled weekend!

  • 9. Finally Headed to Australia

    Some of the team heads to Australia to meet up with some special friends from Patriot Campers! Shenanigans are had and a change of plans may be in the works. Who's up for driving to the middle of Australia in record time? Sand dunes, the black truck, 4x4's, and good times are had by all. This is ...

  • 10. Crossing the Simpson Desert in 4 Days

    Join the team as they take on driving the Simpson Desert in Australia! With only 4 days to cross, it will be a push to say the least. Long days of driving in sand, getting stuck, and having a great time in this awesome country, they guys will remember this overlanding adventure for years to come. 

  • 11. Wyoming Weekend with the Full Size Tundra

    Fresh from Australia, Clay, along with a smaller, new crew, head to the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming! A fun weekend lies ahead of exploring, a little bird hunting, and pushing the full size, overland built Tundra to its limits. 

  • 12. The Behind the Scenes Finale

    Join the team for the final episode of the season! The overlanding crew heads to a secret place in their backyard of Montana and take a minute to sit down, reflect, and answer some commonly asked questions. How do you do this full time? Why do you have sponsors? What is it like for the camera cre...