Trail Talk: Tips and Tricks from the Trail

Trail Talk: Tips and Tricks from the Trail

Tips and tricks from the trail! This new series from XOVERLAND aims to help equip and educate outdoor enthusiasts to confidently explore the world around them. Join Tanner and the XOVERLAND Crew in Trail Talk!

Trail Talk: Tips and Tricks from the Trail
  • GMC + AEV Reveal and Our First Impressions of the Sierra HD

    We were blessed to get inside access to the all-new GMC Sierra HD AT4X AEV Edition at the XOVERLAND Ranch to test drive this truck off-road!

    This vehicle is a great option for people who are looking for a large, powerful truck that doesn't compromise off road capability.

  • Doing Our Part to Keep Our Trails Clean | Revenue Flats Trail Clean Up

    Keeping our local trails and public land open and available is up to us! If we practice Tread Lightly and Leave no Trace guidelines, these amazing places will be available for many more years to come.

    This area is right in our backyard and has seem some heavy use and abuse over the last several ...

  • Don't Forget to Do THIS at Your Next Camp

    Have you ever woken up to find that your Maxtrax have wandered off in the night? This is one reason that we park on ours when we are camping!

    All jokes aside, leveling your vehicle at camp is crucial to a good camping experience. Leveling your vehicle can be accomplished in a few different ways....

  • Do You NEED a Fridge for Overlanding?

    How do you keep your food cool and fresh while out on the trail?

    A cooler is a great option for going out for weekends or traveling through areas with access to ice!

    However, when you start traveling for extended periods of time or in areas without ice/good water it becomes important to consid...

  • How Well Does a WeBoost Drive Reach Work?

    Should you buy a cell phone booster?

    We are testing out the all-new Drive Reach Overland from WeBoost on a 5th Gen 4Runner in areas with little to no cell signal! With the correct expectations, a cell phone booster is a great addition to your build regardless if you are camping or just driving....

  • How Do I Use My Winch? Basic Safety and Winch Operation

    A winch can be an amazing tool for your overlanding build if it is used correctly.

    Safety is key with recovery situations, so make sure to get educated before you put yourself in a nasty position.

    In this video, we will touch on some key equipment that everyone should have in their recovery k...

  • How Do I Go Poop in the Woods?

    While it is an uncomfortable question for most to ask, "How do I go poop in the woods?" is a solid question that needs to be answered correctly!

    With the increase in use of public land, it is our duty to properly dispose of our waste in a way that keeps our resources open and accessible.


  • Should You Buy This Suspension for Your Overlanding Build? | ICON CDEV Review

    The ICON CDEV technology is revolutionizing the way that we look at the future of vehicle suspensions.

    Instead of having a suspension that is set to a certain valving, this new system allows for a computer to make adjustments in real time for changing conditions.

    Do you need this on your rig?

  • What Tools Should I Bring?

    Tools can be a daunting thing for the new overlander! We are here to let you know that it is more simple than you think.

    There are two use cases for tools to bring:
    1. Shorter term and smaller trips
    2. Expeditions and long term travel

    We find that the majority of people fall into the first cate...

  • Which Solar Panel is Right for You?

    What solar panel should I buy? Briefcase (portable) or Fixed (mounted)?

    This question does not have a simple answer. Understanding the pro's and con's of each option is a crucial first step into understanding which one to buy for your overlanding set up.

    Once you have worked through these pro...

  • How To Air Up and Down on the Trail

    Airing up and down on the trail is a huge advantage when it comes to both ride comfort and traction in various conditions! There are many ways to air up and down so we want to cover two of our preferred methods when we head out for either a weekend trip or an extended overland adventure.

    Links t...