The Baja Special

The Baja Special

The team of XOverland heads south to Baja to take a 'deep dive' into its landscapes, culture, and of course, the off-roading!
New team members are thrown into the deep end, literally, leading the members to face new challenges and push through their comfort zones almost daily.
If you're feeling restless and ready for an adventure, join us in putting Baja on your list and let the adventures begin!

The Baja Special
  • 1. Planning for South of the Border!

    Join the XOverland team on an all new adventure as they prepare to head South, way South, to Baja, Mexico! Many of the team members have never been and it's time for a deep dive into all Baja has to offer. Great people, vibrant culture, epic beaches, offroading, and of course, tacos! The team get...

  • 2. Diving into Baja

    The team crosses the border into Baja, but not without paperwork issues that change the team’s plans. Plan C is deployed, and the crew members pivot and ‘dive’ into their next underwater adventure where some members are stretched way beyond their comfort zones! A bucket list item is in the balanc...

  • 3. Dead Ends

    The team heads out from their epic campsite in search of their first beach camp! Ryan soon finds out that curiosity with a vehicle can get you into sticky situations fast. Meanwhile, Clay and Rachelle continue teaching some foundational driving skills to the new ones behind the wheel. St. Ignacio...

  • 4. Handing It Over

    A strong ‘gut check’ puts the team into a late-night drive and a hard landing. Continuing, the team checks off another epic Baja location, the Bay of Conception. 
    Camping, fishing, and taking in the beautiful beaches, the team is refreshed and heads further south to Loreto for a dive they will ne...

  • 5. The Baja 1000 and an Unforgettable Homecoming

    It’s time to drive on the Baja 1000! Using GPS tracks from the previous year’s epic race, the XOverland team turns their wheels back onto dirt for a few days in the desert. It quickly turns into more of a challenge than they were expecting, but well worth the drive. Rachelle hops in the Tacoma wi...