Out and About: Expedition Overland's Weekend Warrior Series

Out and About: Expedition Overland's Weekend Warrior Series

Going overlanding for the weekend is a lot of fun and provides the perfect opportunity to test out your vehicle build, try new gear, and learn new skills.
That's why we created Out and About, a series dedicated to the weekender experience!
Out and About features XOverland team members hitting the trail in one of our expedition vehicles for a single overnight experience or possibly a trip lasting three or four days.
Camping, travel, and Overland skill-building, exploration, and fun on the trail is what this series is all about!

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Out and About: Expedition Overland's Weekend Warrior Series
  • Cruising in the Classics: 62 Series Land Cruiser + Vintage Bronco

    When you have an opportunity to go for a trail ride in these two legendary vehicles, you can't pass up on that.

    Our 1989 62 Series Land Cruiser is a treat to drive. Clay and the Croft boys worked on restoring this vehicle back to its original beauty over the last few years. Needless to say, it i...

  • Offroading in the Rain to a Remote Campsite

    The McKelvey Trail is a 4x4 trail in Montana that has a bit of a reputation. Naturally, we couldn't help ourselves on trying to reach a campsite that was shared to us by a friend in the area.

    The choice of vehicles was an easy one! Atigun, our 2021 Tacoma, is set up on 35" General Grabber X3's a...

  • 24 Hours in the Sand Dunes

    Situated in St. Anthony, Idaho, these sand dunes are a perfect playground for overland vehicles, side-by-sides, and other motorized vehicles!

    If you have driven in the sand dunes before, you know how different it is compared to mud, snow, or rocks.

    While these trucks are not designed for loose...

  • Overlanding and Fly Fishing in Montana

    Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly fish?

    That question is what started an amazing adventure on a Monday morning at the Hangar!

    Join Tanner, Brendan, and Andy as they head out on a quick fishing mission in Southwest Montana. This trip we are targeting Cutthroat trout, specifically Westslo...

  • Making A Dream Come True | XOVERLAND + Make-A-Wish

    Thank you to Make-A-Wish and the Rymer family for allowing for us to share Garrett's story! It is one that will leave its mark on the team for many years.

    Garrett found our films while undergoing chemotherapy and thus began his love for overlanding and outdoor travel. After several surgeries and...

  • 3AM Came Early | Sunrise Hike in Montana

    We use our overlanding vehicles for more than long distance travel on the road! While these vehicles allow for us to travel the world in comfort, they also allow for us to get (and stay) closer to the things that we love to do.

    In this episode, we use our vehicles to basecamp for a sunrise hike ...

  • 5. LA to Bozeman - First Trip in the 2023 Sequoia

    It is time to put our new 2023 Sequoia to the test! As Tanner and Andy drive back from Los Angeles, they take the opportunity to explore some local trails after looking around on onX Offroad. Can they find everything that they need to go camping at the local Walmart? Join us to find out.

  • 4. -40F Camping - Clay and Cyrus Take on Montana’s Recording-Breaking Cold!

    Below-zero temps are no reason to stay home on the couch! Find out why by going Out and About in this episode featuring Clay and Cyrus!!

    Having just produced a podcast about winter overlanding and camping, Clay is eager to get out and practice his cold-weather skills while teaching his son, Cyru...

  • 3. Father and Daughter Weekend Camping Trip in Montana

    Parenting in the 21st Century can be hard. With a generation of kids immersed in technology, how do mom and dad find connection?

    X Overland Content Director, Jimmy Lewis, and his teen daughter, Hayden, have been heading into the wild together since Hayden was a baby in a backpack.

    In that space...

  • 2. Grand Canyon Camping and Exploring Utah's Smoky Mountain Road

    On this episode of Out and About, join team members Brendan and Andy as they work their way home to Montana from Expo West 2022 in Flagstaff, AZ. The guys are traveling in the 2021 Toyota Tacoma, Raven, and eager to test their skills on Utah’s famous 70+ mile Smoky Mountain 4x4 Road. Grand Canyon...

  • 1. Montana Spring Camping and Cook Off

    In this first episode of Expedition Overland's newest series, Out and About, come along with Clay and Rachelle as they lead new team members on an overlanding-inspired adventure into the Crazy Mountains of Montana! X Overland's first-ever "Camp Cook-Off Challenge," Raven, the overland Tacoma buil...