Expedition Overland: Season 0

Expedition Overland: Season 0

Welcome to the very FIRST episodes of Expedition Overland. In 2011, we filmed these first weekend trips with our friends to share with the world. We hoped that people would be entertained, inspired, and learn a little something along the way. These episodes cover some of our backyard in Montana, Moab, UT, and some winter overlanding to Canada! We hope you enjoy these early episodes of X Overland. After all, its where it all began...

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Expedition Overland: Season 0
  • 1. The Very First Episode || Beginnings, Montana

    Where it all began! What exactly is 'overlanding'? Join Clay and the gang for a Montana adventure up the Boulder River Valley. Ryan is learning a lot on his adventure bike while the rest of the crew enjoy the 'Roadkill Cafe', good trails, and Montana weather.

  • 2. Take the Hill! Pryor, Montana

    The guys with Expedition Overland travel through the central southern plains of Montana and across the Pryor mountains. The team is tested in their problem solving and group decision making to work together as a team as Ryan has a lot to learn on his bike! Jeff has a crazy encounter and Jeff shar...

  • 3. Winter In Canada

    This is winter camping and overlanding at its best! The team of Expedition Overland is about to tackle an adventure into British Columbia’s remote backcountry roads, not knowing this would happen during one of the biggest storms of the season. Deep snow, fuel, and team communication all present c...

  • 4. Laugh & Cry || Moab, Utah

    In this episode the XOverland crew travels south of Moab on the Lockhart Basin trail then into Valley of the Gods in southern Utah. The jokes are subtle, and the laughs are as big as the country they travel through. Jeff Downer tells the guys about his past tragedies including his mother’s death ...

  • 5. The Morrison Jeep Trail, MT

    Join the XOverland crew as they tackle the Morrison Jeep trail in northern Wyoming... with a trailer! Ty Heaps and Zack Collins join the crew for this challenging episode, taking on a Jeep trail, with their Tacoma, Landcruiser and a trailer. This is one for the books as they learn some valuable l...

  • 6. 'Revelations' || Idaho

    Travel through Idaho with the guys from XOverland! Fly fishing, exploring an old mine, and hearing some news that will change lives are all part of it! Clay plants a seed for a future idea and the revelations of who the guys are as Overlanders comes full circle.